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February 22 2016 Studio 16


Winter Skin Blog from Dana, our resident Skin Care Expert

Here at Studio 16, we have so much to celebrate. Finally settling into our Summitview location, the spa department is rocking skin and nail care, and hooray, it’s the middle of Winter! Wait.. what? Celebrating mid-winter? Yes, it’s true. You’re probably thinking, “I’ve only just recovered from the Christmas season and in rolls February with yet another chocolate holiday to wreak havoc on my skin?” That’s okay. Help is here.
Mid-winter is the perfect time to begin a series of professional facial treatments. Picture yourself under a mist of warm steam as the skin absorbs the humidity it so craves, especially during this cold and dry time of year. Then, on to the real business of a facial: getting clean. Having an esthetician exfoliate and deep clean your skin makes a difference you can see and feel. Extractions are not for amateurs. But when done correctly, gently, pores look smaller, texture is smoother, all with little or no irritation. Now your skin is ready for the good stuff!

Massage of the face, neck and *oh my* shoulders, not only feels amazing, but did you know that one of the benefits of massage is increased circulation? Healthy flow creates an indescribable glow. Say goodbye to puffiness and inflammation, health and healing is coming to the rescue, resulting in skin that glows from the inside out. With all this newfound radiance, YOU will light the way into springtime, which is really just around the corner. Aaah, feeling better already. A little freshening up of the hair color, why not a touch of sparkle on the toes…We got this.

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