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Oway - For a Plastic-Free Future

Studio 16 Salon & Spa is thrilled to be one of the inaugural 50 Salons in America to carry Oway Brand products on our shelves. We've never encountered a mission, or product, as pure as Oway's. Ask for it the next time you get a shampoo with your cut - we think you'll love it too.

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"Ortofficina" - Zero Mile

Oway's Biodynamic Agriculture method is the cleanest type of cultivation - free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Nestled in the hills of Bologna, Italy, Oway's "ortofficina" is a demonstration of how it sees the company itself as a "Living, Organic Unit", where EVERY aspect of the business is continuously reviewed for sustainability and ability to restore and replenish the land as part of the cycle of planting every year.


A Unique Process

Oway's agricosmetica® process considers every aspect of the industry to improve the well-being of the earth. agricosmetica® means:

  • Growing zero-mile plants, flowers, medicinal and aromatic shrubs right where they are processed.
  • Packaging in ONLY glass and aluminum, two of the world's most abundant resources, and using renewable energy in production.
  • Creating concentrated products rich in active ingredients, used in the right quantities to avoid waste
  • A way of thinking, a way of life - conscious choices to create quality products that respect both the environment and people.
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