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Have Questions About Your Hair or Skin? Choosing a New Salon? We've Got Answers.


Q. I have a difficult time explaining the way I want my hair cut and always leave salons a bit disappointed. What can I do?

We suggest bringing several pictures that best illustrate the style and look that you want. It may take several pictures to get the point across, but that’s okay. Making sure that we maintain clear communication will almost always result in a positive salon experience.

Q. How to get the style you want

At Studio 16 our primary goal is that you feel as though you are being understood: We will ask you lots of questions – we want to know what you like and don’t like about your hair and what your expectations are. Your Studio 16 stylist is prepared to create the best options for your desired style, and if you don’t know what you want that’s ok too. Your Studio 16 stylist is prepared to offer up professional suggestions based on your hair type.

Q. Pay Attention

Your Studio 16 stylist has the training and intuition to know what hair styles will look best on you, and will explain how they fit your needs. Watch and interact with your stylist while he or she is doing your hair so you can learn how to recreate the style at home.

Q. Speak Up

Your Studio 16 stylist wants you to understand and be comfortable with the objective of the service. Ask questions if you don’t understand something. Don’t forget to tell your stylist if you have hair concerns.

Q. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Bring in images of styles you like, but make sure each picture is of a woman with a face shape and hair texture similar to your own. A good place to start is AVEDA’s Hair Style Gallery.

Q. What if I have other questions?

We want you to get the most out of our salon and wellness spa. Please talk to your service provider about any other concerns you have.

Color FAQS

Q. From ombre to sombre, baby lights to balayage, how do I know what’s right for me?

The first question when changing your look is “What do I want my hair to look like?” During your complimentary color consultation, talk to your colorist, bring pictures of looks you like, and discuss your hair color history. Knowing what you’ve had done to your hair in the past and asking about maintenance will help you and your service provider find the technique and look that will be best for you and your hair.

Q. How are the “Effect” and the “Technique” different?

The terms “effect” and “technique” can be easily confused, which is why we encourage you to bring photos with you to your consultation to assist your stylist in choosing the right technique (the method by which color is applied to the hair) for the desired effect, or look you are trying to achieve.


Q. What will foiling do for my hair?

Foiling is a very traditional way to achieve highlights and dimension in your hair. Small sections of hair are placed in a foil to separate it from the remaining hair. There are many options with foils, from the most subtle highlights to big, bold panels. You can add a little or a lot depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Price typically varies from $25 to $150. See your colorist for a consultation to determine if foils are the right option for you.

Q. What will a balayage do for my hair?

The term “Balayage” refers to a French hair color technique that means “to sweep”. It is a freehand painting technique that can be used to create many different results. It can add dimension to darker shades of hair, used for blonding or highlighting, or even create looks like the ever popular Ombre. Balayage is the latest way to create dimension in the hair similar to foils or highlighting while allowing the stylist maximum freedom to place highlights wherever they are needed. The benefits of Balayage include beautiful, dimensional color without any harsh lines or “grow-out”. This is a very advanced technique and a specialty to many of our stylists. The cost of a Balayage service typically ranges from $75-$200 depending on the length and density of your hair as well as the desired effect. A Balayage can be time consuming, and may take anywhere from 1-4 hours. If you think Balayage is right for you, be sure to schedule a color consultation prior to scheduling an appointment so your colorist can determine how long to schedule you for, as well as quote you a more accurate price for your service.

Q. What will color melting do for my hair?

Color melting is a technique used to transition, or “melt”, one shade of color into another. For optimum color melting, your stylist will generally select three colors in the same color family which will overlap each other to create a perfectly blended look, making it difficult to tell where the colors begin or end going from dark to light or light to dark. Pricing varies from $90-$150 depending on the amount of colors desired and the amount of hair you have.


Q. What are “babylights”?

The concept of babylighting is the creation of super fine highlights that disappear into the hair resulting in soft, multi-dimensional color. Not every guest loves the rooty look achieved with balayage, and babylights are perfect for those who prefer subtle, sun-kissed highlights that melt naturally into the base, much like the natural highlights you had as a kid. This look is typically achieved using many tiny section foils, though this does take longer (about two and a half hours) and ranges from $120-$150.

Q. What is “Ombre”?

Ombre has quickly become an extremely popular hair trend, and it looks like it is here to stay! Ombre is when a darker shade at the base seamlessly transitions to a lighter color at the ends of the hair. This transition usually begins about halfway through the hair and has little to no highlight at the root. The desired goal is a natural look and low maintenance, and can be either very bold or very subtle. this look can be achieved through balayage or with foils, and price varies from $75-$150.

Q. What is “Sombre”?

A cousin to the ombre, “sombre” is a brighter and lighter version of ombre on all levels. Highlights frame the face and feather off the root for a softer, more seamless blend from dark to light. Sombre blends together higher up the hair strand starting with subtle, soft highlights that blend into the darker base, and gradually melt into lighter ends.

Q. What is color blocking?

Color blocking is when bold panels of lighter, brighter, more intense color are placed in the hair to create big impact. Sometimes pre-lightening is required to create the desired vibrancy and impact. This can take one and a half to two hours, more if pre-lightening is required.


Q. What exactly is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is the removal of the hair from the front, back, and sides of the vagina using hot wax. Want to leave a triangle or strip? Great! Let’s take or leave as much hair as you are comfortable with.

Q. How long does the hair need to be?

Now, I know this is a major point of hesitation for my first time Brazilian gals. The hair needs to be 1/4″-1/2″ for best waxing results. If you have coarse hair, it is better to wax at 1/2″. As you wax more frequently, the hair will continue to grow softer and be able to be waxed at a shorter length. Worth the grow-out time!

Q. What should I expect after my wax?

Hair free skin! Each person’s skin reacts differently to a wax. You can expect a bit of tenderness and redness for the first few hours following the service. Slight itchiness as the hair grows back is also normal. Correct post-wax care will eliminate these symptoms quickly.

Q. Will I get ingrown hairs?

It is possible. With the proper care, it is a lot less likely. After you are waxed, avoid anything that is going to make the area any damper, such as hot tubs, saunas, sex, exercise, or tight clothes. Make sure to exfoliate the area twice daily for the two days following your appointment. Following these guidelines will greatly reduce the chances of ingrown hairs or bumps after the wax.

Q. Can I get waxed during that time of the month?

Yes! As long as you are using a tampon, we can easily work around the string. However, the area will be significantly more sensitive. We recommend scheduling your appointment four days before your period, or four days after your period for the most comfortable wax.

Q. So, how bad does it actually hurt?

Let’s be real for a second– it’s definitely not white wine on a summer day. It can be painful! However, the worst part is always the anticipation! We do absolutely everything we can to provide the service with minimum discomfort. It’s also a good idea to take Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment. Don’t worry, our esthetician will chat your ear off to keep you nice and distracted!

Q. Is there anything I should not do prior to my wax?

Please avoid tanning on the day of your wax. You should also refrain from waxing if you are currently taking Retin-A or Acutane, or have taken either of these in the last three months. These products increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates, so waxing could potentially remove skin along with the hair. OUCH!


Feeling completely at ease results in the ultimate spa experience. The following are some commonly asked questions that will help make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Q. How early should I arrive?

To get the most out of your visit to the spa, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will allow time to check in, have a beverage and transition into your spa service.

Q. What should I wear?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so you may wear as little or as much as you like for body treatments. You will be discreetly covered with towels at all times.

Q. Should I refrain from shaving/hair removal before a body treatment?

Yes. To ensure your complete comfort during body treatments, you may want to refrain from hair removal 24 hours before your service.

Q. Should I have any concerns about pregnancy or other health matters?

Please let your service provider know of any medical conditions or medications you are taking. They are highly trained to guide you in deciding which treatments are right for you.

Q. Why do my nails always peel?

Because they are dry. Daily use of cuticle oil is the best remedy. Any of AVEDA’s Composition Oils will work very well. Try placing oil under the nails also. Try to keep nails polished, using a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. Always seal the edges of the nail with base and topcoat too!

Q. Why does polish on natural nails chip the next day?

Natural oils and cuticle skin on nails prevent polish from adhering properly. Always make sure nails are clean before applying polish and be sure to seal the edge of nails with topcoat.

Q. How long will a manicure on natural nails last?

With sensible home care and proper home products, a professional manicure should last 7 to 10 days. We can offer suggestions to ensure your manicures remain beautiful and your nails healthy.

Q. How long does hair have to be in order to wax?

Body hair should be 1/4 inch long. Facial hair should be long enough to tweeze.

Q. Who is not a candidate for waxing?

If you are using (or have recently used) Retina-A, or Accutane, or any other prescribed medication that might make your skin extra sensitive, you are not a candidate for hair removal by waxing. If you have had chemical peels or are using any type of medication that causes peeling, you should not undergo a waxing procedure. If you are unsure about whether you may or may not be a candidate for waxing, please consult your physician before scheduling any waxing services.

Q. How often should I have a facial?

Most clients find they benefit most from monthly facials.


Q. I’m starting to plan for my wedding. What services can I receive from studio 16 to prepare for my big day?

Studio 16 offers an array of services in a variety of Bridal Packages. We offer hair, make-up, and wax services for you and your bridesmaids,  and can even add a relaxing facial or pedicure to your package to calm those frazzled, pre-wedding nerves!

Q. What packages are available? Do I have freedom to choose what I do and don’t want?

Our bridal packages are built so that you have the freedom to pick and choose services that speak to you, starting with the basics, “The Essential Bride”, and using building blocks from our wax, skincare, and hair treatment menus you can create a customized package that suits all your needs to perfection. “The Essential Bride” begins at a base price of $75 for make-up only and $100 for hair only, with a hair and make-up option for $175. This price includes your in-salon trial run- a service we are happy to provide for you to ensure hair and make-up that you LOVE on your big day! Add-ons range in price from $15-$70, and you can feel free to mix and match from all of our service menus.

Q. Is there anything I need to know for when I come in to receive services on the day of my wedding?

On the day of the wedding, all guests should arrive wearing a button-up or very wide necked shirt. Please wash and dry your hair the night before the appointment. Unless otherwise scheduled, stylists do not allot time for a shampoo/blow-dry. Please arrive with a clean, bare face if you will be receiving a make-up application. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to allow for check-in time. We don’t want anyone to feel rushed or receive a shortened service!

Q. Can I receive my services on-site on the day of my wedding?

Absolutely! Our stylists will be happy to travel to you on the day of your wedding. You’ll want to inquire about “The On-Site Bride”. This package includes a $150 basic travel fee, though prices are variable depending on location and number of staff required.

Q. How early do I need to book?

We encourage you to book as early as possible- whether that is a year in advance, or a couple of months. We will do whatever we can to fulfill your needs, but we can accommodate you best when we have plenty of time before the big day! No amount of advance notice is too much, but rather it is that extra assurance that you will be our priority for your wedding day. We do ask that you try to book at least 30 days in advance.

Q. What are my payment options?

We ask that you pay a 50% deposit to hold your bridal services, and we can accept the balance at any time on or before the day of your wedding. If you find yourself needing to cancel your services, you may do so for a full refund of the deposit amount when canceling at least 14 days in advance. Guests canceling after this point will not receive a deposit refund.

Any other questions? Call us! Our esthetician can’t wait to speak with you!