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Green Circle Salons




Welcome to our region's first Certified Carbon Neutral Salon!

Studio 16 Salon & Spa is proud to be Eastern Washington's first Certified Carbon Neutral Salon as part of our commitment to reduce, recycle and recover up to 95% of our "Beauty Waste". 


2022 Carbon Neutral Certification - Studio 16

It's Possible, Thanks to You:

In 2022, we announced our intention to join Green Circle Salons knowing we could only succeed with the understanding and support of you, our guests. In an era where inflation has hit many of us hard, we hoped the additional fee that would be added to our services to help us account for the footprint we leave on this earth would be accepted. And without hesitation, you did! We have now accomplished something special together and will continue to raise the bar to set the standard for moving to a zero-waste industry in our lifetimes!

2023 Green Circle Salons Logo


By the Numbers

How do we measure success? Green Circle Salons provides us a Dashboard for the current year indicating how much waste our Salon has generated and taken out of standard garbage processing, which most likely means going to landfill! Here's our "tale of the tape" as of the date below:


As of November 15th, 2023:

Our total of 431.5 lbs of waste consists of:

  • 36.0 lbs of Hair - Did you know the average head of women's hair has about 100,000 strands that weight a total of about 1.5 ounces? That translates into over 160 heads of long, healthy hair swept from our floors after your visits!
  • 28.5 lbs of Hair Color - at an average portion of about 1.5 ounces per color process, that is the equivalent of 200 services, or almost 40 per month in 2023!
  • 99.5 lbs of Metals - color tubes and foils make up nearly all of this waste, and now all of it gets processed and turned into other useful things...would you believe even bicycle parts?
  • 266.5 lbs of Single Use Products - The largest portion of our waste to be reclaimed includes almost everything else - even the waxing tape used in the spa, incredible!


231115 Green Circle Dashboard Data Update

As we learn how much waste we produce, and how it's reclaimed and recycled, we hope to work on the other end as well to reduce what we use in the first place.  For example, improving the accuracy of our color measurement will not only reduce color waste, but also reduce metal waste from the additional color tubes we'd not use up as quickly as well. 

We're on a real journey, and this is a great first step!

230523 The Hair Color Journey II
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