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August 9 2020 Studio 16

Skin Care Tips for the Change of Seasons

Time Isn’t Stopping for This, Is It

Happy *almost* Fall, Y'all! I will admit, it feels a little strange acknowledging the actual season, after five months of not always knowing what day of the week it is. But it does make you realize that no matter what “phase” we're in, the sun is going to keep rising and setting, and the change of seasons is a reliable constant.
Time keeps on ticking. Do you frequently stop and wonder to yourself (as I do) “How long has it been since I've been to the gym, church, happy hour, the spa, anywhere fun without the kids – or anywhere at all without having a mask on? How are we supposed to balance our lives and manage stress when so many of our usual self-care tools are no longer available?”

Your Face is in Your Hands - For Now

blog-2020-0908-1As a licensed skincare professional, our industry standard recommends getting a facial a minimum of four times a year – essentially one for each change of seasons. Like the change in foliage, temperature, flora and other signs in nature, the deep cleaning, resurfacing, massage and product refocus on our skin is like a reboot for the psyche. But for regular spa-goers what does "self-care" even mean without that quarterly trip to the spa, especially when a big part of the benefit is the satisfaction of having it done by someone else? Well, there are a few ideas that help, and most of them start with improving your sleep!

Here is my recommended checklist that will see you through until we meet again:

1. Sleep - The very best thing you can do to take care of yourself is to prioritize getting a good night of sleep. Peaceful quality rest is essential, and yet elusive, for so many. Increases in stress affects all of our bodies' systems, and good or bad, your health will eventually show on your face. As those pre-autumn days start getting shorter, take advantage of the dimming light, and shoot for an earlier bedtime, even just a few nights a week.
2. Electronics - Well BEFORE you go to sleep, start lowering the volume and turning off screens around the house, slowing the collective pace of your environment. This will leave you better prepared for your earlier bedtime.
3. The Bedroom - Consider investing in some new pillows, bed linens, or aromatherapy. Pillows will accumulate allergens, skin oils and even mites over time, so if your pillow is non-washable, a new one will make a difference. While you may not need NEW sheets, the National Sleep Foundation reports that 73% of us get a better sleep on fresh sheets. Finally, a diffuser for essential oils can be a great aid to helping you sleep faster too.
4. Breath - Don't underestimate the benefits of intentional deep breathing. We all wear our own series of “masks” every day, and a few moments of intentional and mindful deep breathing is especially vital to removing those masks and decompressing.
5. Talk It Out – Anxiety contributes to tired skin! So yes, talk about your anxiety because chances are your friends share some of the same concerns. Identifying one's fears and sharing empathy are time-honored methods of healing.
blog-2020-0908-26. Talk It In – Meditation is an excellent way to reset and refocus yourself. Meditation is not always the stereotypical image of a calm seated pose with eyes closed, it can also be a mindful morning or evening walk in nature – referred to as “moving meditation”.
7. Jot It Down - A few words in a nightly journal can help reset and refocus. It’s almost the equivalent of taking the words filling your head and putting them down on paper so that you can create space for more pleasant thoughts in your head!
8. Learn A New Routine – Nothing is the same now is it? Maybe it’s time to be intentional about change rather than just “going with the flow”. Even if you can’t get your facial, you can get a consultation where your skin can be evaluated and perhaps get a new routine to improve on what you are already doing.

Keeping It Simple

​Simple changes can have surprising impact. The circumstances of the pandemic have encouraged all of us to suddenly get creative. At the Studio, we've been hard at work all summer, trying to find ways to provide care to our guests, despite the absence of services. Just like the emergency hair color at-home kits that got us through lockdown, our spa department is also finding its creative streak. We're adding new treatments to our menu, and will soon be offering home care packages to give your skin a boost – and your reconnection to your “self-care”. Our goal is to help you recreate that same feeling your skin gets that you get from your regular facial in the comfort of your own home.  “Feeling better and looking better”, isn't that like having a really good dream?
Rest well, friends. We'll get through this together. 

By Dana Kovats

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