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July 21 2021 Studio 16

Protecting Your Hair and Skin in Summer

Depending on where you are from, you might have been mumbling one of these colorful phrases to yourself over the last month as our summer has heated up…“The dog days of summer are here!”
“It’s hotter than Dutch love”
“Hot enough to scald a lizard/loon”
“It’s hotter than a stolen tamale!”
“Training grounds for down below”
“It's hotter'n a blister bug in a pepper patch!”
No matter how you describe the hottest days of the year, your skin – AND YOUR HAIR - will have the same need for protection as anyone else’s. With temp’s hitting 90+ most days from now until the end of August, let’s talk about how to protect our hair and skin from the damaging rays of the sun and the dehydrating effects of the hot dry air that is a staple of our region.

Skin Protection Basic

There has always been a lot of information out in public about how to protect your skin, but let’s get more specific with some details and recommendations you may not be aware of:

More precisely, what's the best SPF for YOUR skin?

First of all, it’s important to note that NO sunscreen can block all UV rays. That’s right, NONE. But what we do know is:

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays.

So, the difference between 30 and 50 is about 1 percent.  That being said, anything between 15 & 30 is going to give you ample protection as long as you use it correctly.  1) Always try to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes PRIOR to exposure and 2) Re-Apply every 2-3 hours unless you are in the water, then re-apply more often.

210721-summer-skin-and-hair-care-blog-1Andi’s favorites? Here are two that I love both for their effectiveness and their minimal environmental impact.

Why does “reef safe” matter? The world’s coral reefs are disappearing, along with the sea life they support, in part because of the warning ocean temperatures but also from the chemicals found in most standard sunscreen products, which are harmful, and deadly, for coral, which are actually small organisms that create the colorful formations we always admire for both their beauty and the abundant sealife they support and provide shelter to.


Sunscreen for my hair?


210721-summer-skin-and-hair-care-blog-4-captionedYes, sort of! When out and about a Hat is most definitely the best form of protection you can opt for.  Aside from being super cute and cost effective, it's a great way to protect our hair and skin from the elements.  I always hear from guests – “I don’t look good in hats”! Well, I’m here to tell you that you look better in a hat then dry frizzy bleached out hair and weathered skin! 😊 However if a hat is not in your comfort zone, then there are alternatives.  

“Sunscreen for your hair“ is REAL!  While most of us blondes love the idea of the sun creating a more sunkissed look to our hair, but if you are a redhead or brunette you know what the sun can do to the brilliance and shine in your hair.  So a Spray Screen for your hair is a great alternative to a hat! AVEDA has a fabulous SunCare line to help protect your hair.  Ask your stylist about it or click the link to go directly to our SUMMERTIME FAVORITES! 

When It’s Too Late to Stop the Damage…


210721-summer-skin-and-hair-care-blog-5-captionedI know that since we are in late July already, some of this advice may be too late for some of you, but don’t fear! Many of the products you already use can control and repair damage already done. But consider picking up some of AVEDA’s botanical repair™ products and give your hair a weekly treatment at home. You can also give your hair its own “spa day” with a luxurious salon treatment at Studio 16 that will maintain the Moisture and Shine in your hair, including a Botanical treatment here that will also leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  You can book that here or ask to include it when you schedule your nex regular appointment!
Check back for more insightful tips and tricks to keep you hair and skin looking its BEST.

PS – Where do those funny phrases all hail from?  Here is where you might hear them:
“The dog days of summer are here!” – Everywhere, USA
“It’s hotter than Dutch love” – heard in PA, WI and NY states
“Hot enough to scald a lizard/loon” – South Carolina
“It’s hotter than a stolen tamale!” - Texas
“Training grounds for down below” - Georgia
“It's hotter'n a blister bug in a pepper patch!” – somewhere in the Sout

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