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August 1 2019 Studio 16


"PROTECT AND PREVENT!" means great hair all summer. 

Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to talk about three of the most damaging things for your hair and the summer hair care to combat them:
  • Sun Exposure
  • Chlorine
  • Salt Water
These can really put a damper on a beach vacation or day at the pool!
190801-hair-cuticle-close-up_origOne of the most basic tips I recommend for any kind of hair is to get your hair wet with regular tap or fresh water BEFORE jumping into the deep end. This allows the porous pockets in your hair to be filled with clean water rather than pool chemicals, giving your hair follicles another layer of protection from the chlorinated water. The same applies to salt water as well. Likewise, a quick rinse after coming out of the water is also recommended rather than letting your hair dry with the chlorinated water on it.
Doing this quick routine before AND after your dip will not only keep your hair healthier, but for those with lighter hair, help ensure you avoid that lovely shade of GREEN you sometimes see after swimming in the pool!

​Fortunately, AVEDA has an entire line summer hair care products dedicated to keeping your hair healthy and shiny, as well as keeping your hair color looking great. Now you can enjoy the beach, pool, and the outdoors worry-free! Here’s a quick guide to help protect the time and money you have invested in your hair color.
  • Sun Care Hair VeilThis product is a lightweight mist that has a naturally derived UV-A and UV-B filters to protect the hair. Spraying on dry or damp hair before going out in the sun will act as a sunscreen for your hair color. Make sure to re-apply after taking a dip in the pool in order to get the full 16 hours of protection. 
  • Sun Care Hair and Body CleanserYes, you read that right…. it is a hair AND body cleanser. No one likes the lingering smell of chlorine after a day at the pool, or the green tone it gives your hair. This cleanser is a color-safe formula that gently removes chlorine, salt, and other product buildup from your hair and body, while maintaining moisture balance. Using this cleanser year-round will be great for preventing hard-water buildup as well.
  • Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque: The last step to keeping your hair healthy and damage-free during the summer is the After-sun Hair Masque. The organic oils in this product will moisturize sun-damaged hair and help protect against free radicals. After using the sun care hair and body cleanser, apply to damp hair roots to ends and leave in for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.

190601-andi-dash-signature-photoNow get out there and Enjoy the Sunshine!


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