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November 4 2019 Studio 16


What I Hear You Saying

The leaves are turning color and slowly dropping quickly now. There is a chill in the morning air and the midday sunshine leaves us reminiscing for our warm weather.  As we enjoy the beautiful interlude between summer and winter, our dry hair is also showing us it’s time for a change.  These days in the salon I hear from guests – I’m feeling really DRY! My hair looks MOUSEY! My hair is so FLYAWAY!  It looks DULL!  Other than the usual culprits due to summer sun and fun – these are the confessions I hear.
“ I might NOT have worn a hat every time I went outside…” 

“ I don’t think I rinsed out my hair after EVERY dip in the pool..”

“Isn’t SALT water good supposed to be good for my hair?”

“Am I supposed to USE the deep treatment you sent me home with last time?”

As a result, I wanted to share with you here that just about everyone experiences under-nourished or moisture-deprived hair at some time.  Hair texture, type and chemical / elemental exposure all play a role in how your hair feels.

What is Happening to Your Hair…

As an example, in general the more curl your hair has the DRIER it will feel.  Much of this is due to the amount of TEXTURE in the hair as opposed to a straight sleek strand of hair. 

Then if you add chemical exposure via color or texture services it can even become dry to the touch.  Moreover, the elements also contribute to the dryness of your hair, as does the mechanical exposure to blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. You can see why your hair might be feeling a little weathered these days.

What We Can Do About It…

But let’s face it – I’m not giving up hair color! Nor the use of my flat iron to tame my wavy tresses. So what’s a girl to do?  That’s where you and your stylist get to chat about the #1 issue for you and how do we tackle it.  During your next visit or consultation, your stylist can determine what type of dryness you are dealing with – is it naturally dry due to texture & type? Or is it elemental due to sun and fun?  Is it mechanical due to blow dryers and irons, or is it chemical due to color or texture services?  Do you need hydration, moisture or protein?  Whatever the need we are here to help you navigate through the dull drums of changing seasons with options to enhance your next service or a take home treatment to care for your hair weekly.

What have you noticed about your hair recently? Dry hair? Flat? Damaged? Let us know – we can help.

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