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November 8 2023 Studio 16

The Effects of Beauty on Your Total Wellness

Is there truth in the old adage, "When you look good, you feel good?"

Sure, we all feel beautiful and ready to take on the world when we walk out of the salon, but do beauty treatments have any lasting impact?

Research says yes! Feeling and looking beautiful have short and long-term health benefits, as well as significantly improving subjective well-being.

This is how we view ourselves, our life satisfaction, and our level of happiness. It moves beyond self-confidence and looks at our total life fulfillment holistically. The three categories researchers measure to rate subjective well-being include our level of satisfaction, frequency of positive thoughts, and infrequent negative thoughts.

So what does this mean?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Our self-image is a combination of how we feel about ourselves, whether we approve of who we are in this moment, and how we compare to the person we want to become. Other people's opinions of us also impact our self-image because it's easy to internalize those words and adopt them as our own.

It’s easy to let yourself feel down when there is so much pressure on us all the time. How can you boost your self-esteem and practice self-care at the same time? Why, with beauty treatments, of course! The best place to start is by choosing more activities that help you feel better about yourself. Pampering yourself with a facial or splurging on an anti-aging treatment can boost confidence and self-esteem. Increased confidence helps you feel more attractive, competent in the workplace, and optimistic about your ability to navigate the world.

On the flip side, a negative self-image undermines our confidence, makes challenging situations feel worse than they are, and makes us withdraw from personal and professional relationships. When we bottom out, we see increasingly negative emotions, negative thought patterns, and unkind self-talk.

Suppose you feel yourself slipping into a slump. In that case, you can head off those negative feelings by speaking kindly to yourself, surrounding yourself with people who call out the best in you, and leaning into those experiences that give you a much-needed boost of confidence!

Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better!

Feeling better about yourself and experiencing more life satisfaction aren't the only reasons to embrace beauty treatments and develop daily routines!

You'll also see substantial emotional and physical health benefits when you improve your subjective well-being, cultivate a positive self-image, and feel more confident.

Don't believe us? Here's a list of 5 scientifically proven physical and emotional health benefits that beauty provides:


  1. 1. Stress Reduction- Pleasurable experiences like a day at the spa, a gorgeous new style, or those luscious extensions you've been dreaming of release stress-crushing neurotransmitters. These substances, like dopamine and serotonin, are known to reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness. Lower stress is associated with a higher level of positive self-image
  3. 2. Emotional Self-Regulation- In addition to stress-busting, the same neurotransmitters mentioned in the previous point are known to help us feel happier, more focused, and better able to cope with unexpected events. Better self-regulation can help fend off depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions that push us toward dysregulation.
  5. 3. Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions- The Mayo Clinic also reports that a positive self-image helps reduce the risk of severe long-term health issues like heart disease, depression, stroke, and chronic digestive problems. While part of this can be attributed to stress reduction, scientists have also learned that people with high subjective well-being sleep better and tend to take time for themselves. And who doesn’t want better sleep?
  7. 4. Increasing confidence in professional and personal relationships- Beauty treatments make you feel attractive and positively impact how others relate to you. That bump of confidence because you feel beautiful will not go unnoticed. It can lead to more compliments, others being attentive, and valuing your opinion. 
  9. 5. Providing an outlet for creativity and curiosity- One of the key contributors to high subjective well-being is having space to embrace creativity and curiosity. Those who cannot explore both ideas feel stuck, unmotivated, or bored by the monotony of daily life. Trying out the latest TikTok famous beauty treatment or switching up your traditional style brings joy and playfulness to your life. You may discover a new passion for hair or makeup that you never knew existed.

Come What May, Beauty Has Your Back

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While beauty has numerous physical and emotional benefits, the biggest reason to pamper yourself is that it makes you feel good, no matter what you're going through!

Amy Mackelden, disability advocate and Weekend Editor at Harper's BAZAAR, loves how her relationship with makeup has evolved since being diagnosed with MS in 2013. She describes her beauty routine as her hobby and medicine, giving her a little extra sparkle on the hard days. By exploring new beauty products and treatments, she's found a creative outlet that boosts her mental and physical health!

Does any of this ring as familiar? Every day we are fortunate at Studio 16 to see how some - and hopefully ALL - of our guests feel when they leave our salon or spa. Our favorite reviews are those where you tell us how great you FEEL, not just how you look!  What makes you feel good? Let us know - feel free to share with your stylist or spa tech when you come in so that we can help you feel your best!

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