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September 26 2022 Studio 16

Looking Ahead at Hair Trends for 2023

It’s been a hot and sweaty summer for just about the entire United States, but Fall is just around the corner. That means a lot of things, but for those who are as hair-obsessed as we are, it means it’s time to say goodbye to the ponytails and messy buns and say hello to experimenting with style and texture again. It also means the hair industry is already living in 2023, and they have ideas!
If you’re looking to spice things up for the Fall, here are a selection of SOME of the biggest trends we see coming that are also accessible to most of us who aren't looking for a one-time seasonal look.

1. Curly Bangs

220926-looking-ahead-at-hair-trends-in-2023-1Curly people of the world, rejoice! The idea that you can’t have bangs if you have curly hair is NOT the vibe for fall. Whether you rock the natural curls or use products to help it along, curly fringe will be all the rage this season. Don’t be fooled, though. Bangs of any sort require some maintenance. But with the right hair routine and products, your curly bangs will keep you in vogue.

2. Bottleneck Bangs

Not sure about the curly bang look? Then maybe you’re ready for this style that takes bangs to a universally flattering level. The “bottleneck” bang is taking salons by storm this season. These bangs are similar to curtain bangs in that they skim your lashes. However, the “bottleneck” gets its name because they start shorter at the top and have longer pieces that curve around the eye, giving your bangs the look of a bottle. And did we mention how easy they are to style? If you have never been brave enough to try bangs, this is the style for you.

3. Shags

This one is all about the texture. While it may harken back to the 1970s, one of this fall’s biggest trends isn’t your mother’s shag. With its voluminous layers and shape that beautifully frames any face type, the shag allows natural textures to take center stage instead of hiding in the background. Whether you go short or long, drastic or subtle, the right shag haircut can show off the best that your hair has to offer.

4. ​Wolf Cuts

Is the shag just not adventurous enough for you? Are you craving a little more edge this autumn? Then let us introduce you to the wolf cut, a sort of hybrid between the shag haircut of the 70s and the mullet of the 80s. Don’t let “mullet” scare you, though! This cut is edgy and fun without being as intense as an actual mullet. In fact, it grows out beautifully, not something a lot of people claim with the mullet. Take advantage of the 80s nostalgia trend that’s going on right now, and make the wolf cut part of your fall wardrobe.

5. ​Center Parts


220926-looking-ahead-at-hair-trends-in-2023-2If you’re like most people, once you’ve chosen how you part your hair, that’s pretty much the part you’ll have for as long as you have hair. However, we think it’s time to listen to Gen Z when it comes to which part you should try for fall. The center part can make anyone look youthful without looking too young. It can flatter a lot of face shapes, too. For example, it can help make shorter and wider faces look longer while helping balance the forehead and chin on a heart-shaped face. Be daring and give another part a try! The best thing about a part is that it’s easy to correct if you don’t like it.

6. ​Heavy Side Parts

So maybe the center part isn’t for you. Then maybe we can convince you to try a side part with a difference this season - the heavy side part. This side part isn’t just where your natural side part occurs. Note where your hair naturally parts and go about another half an inch deeper. THAT’S a heavy side part. And the effect? Volume, volume, volume. With that much hair piled over your head, you’ll achieve the perfect voluminous look for any occasion.

All of our stylists at Studio 16 Salon and Spa would love the chance to help you splash out this season on something a little different that can help keep this fall interesting. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you stay on trend.

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