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June 16 2020 Studio 16

If Everyone Met With Their Eyes Closed...

To say the least, it really was an eye-opening experience.  You could feel the energy in the air.  There were so many people from every type of communities.  It was very inspiring to see all these people (and I don’t like crowds) but I felt totally safe.  While all around the country people are hurting in so many ways and angry at for so many (mostly valid) reasons, the positive vibe was surprising - and amazing.

blog-2020-0616-1aThe local Police Precinct had been evacuated last week by the Seattle Police Department after they boarded it up, and there was no sign of police anywhere, nor any apparent need for them at the time we were there. We saw no guns and no violence, but just a whole lotta people who were speaking up for the equality they desire - and deserve.  While I can only speak for myself, I recognize their needs and the gaps the in equality they spoke of. The day reminded me of a conversation I had from a random meeting with a stranger many years ago.

One summer I was on a flight to California and I happened to be sitting next to a woman who was blind.  We engaged in conversation,and  had a few laughs. I was surprised when she told me that she was returning to the states from a trip to South Africa to hand out red tip canes to the blind. While her trip and her life intrigued me there was one thing she said that has been a guide for me for many years now.  This wonderful woman lost her sight over a course of time.  It left her completely blind not long after the birth of her first child.  I had only been a mother for short time when I met her and my heart hurt for her. She said to me “I believe everyone should meet with their eye’s closed” I didn’t think much of it at the time, but today it resonates with me.  If we could have all met everyone in our lives with our eyes closed first, how much less work would it take us to be better humans to all humans - and what kind of world would that look like compared to today?

While we did not spend a lot of time in CHAZ, the overwhelming message I felt from the energy there was one of humanity. There was music on every street corner, dancing, painting (some beautiful, some just a more standard graffiti) and people of every race, size, gender and hair color speaking up for a better world. I hope you enjoy some of the photos below.



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