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July 19 2023 Studio 16

Are You in a Hair Rut?

Are you still wearing last decade's hottest hairstyle? Perhaps that color you used to love feels flat and faded. Sometimes, we just get tired of the look that once seemed perfect! If you're tired of feeling blah about your cut, color, and style, you're in a hair rut, and this article is all about helping you find your sparkle again!

No matter how much we love a haircut, hair color, or style, there comes a time when it no longer brings us joy.

Hanging on to that old style too long can leave us in a hair rut where we are tired of the old but haven't picked out a new look. A simple hair refresh, like a trim or a different part, or a more drastic shift, like a major chop or a color change, can be exactly what you need to get out of your hair rut.

Here Are Our Stylists’ Top Five Tips for Breaking Out of the Funk and Getting Excited About How You Look

  2. 230502-21. Ditch what feels boring or plain-The first step to breaking out of your rut is to figure out what pieces of your current style need to go. Perhaps your length no longer flatters your face, or the color you've rocked for years is no longer resonant. There's no reason to wake up every day and work your hair into a style that no longer boosts your confidence. Before heading to the salon, list what isn't doing it for you anymore so you can brainstorm something new. 
  4. 2. Keep what you love-Breaking out of your hair rut doesn't mean you have to throw out the parts of your current look that still work for you. If you love how your curls bounce or your current length, you don't have to eliminate them. If the cut needs to go, but you love how your color complements your eyes, keep it! When you make your list of what doesn't work, jot down what you'd like to keep so your stylist can make sure your new ‘do accents your favorite features! 
  6. 3. Make it shine-Healthy hair is always in style, and tends to make us stand taller. Talk to your stylist about making your hair healthier with a strategic haircut or deep conditioning treatment. Don't forget good nutrition, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, and using high-quality styling products and tools will play a big part in keeping your look on point between visits. Your hair routine is not the place to skimp on quality. High-quality products like the Aveda line are free from toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals and will always make you look and feel better! Be sure to ask your stylist to help you create and stick to the perfect-for-you daily routine. (We can save you time by shipping your favorite products right to your door!) 
  8. 230502-54. Find your comfort zone-If a major overhaul isn't what you're looking for, ask your stylist how to make changes that feel good without making it hard for your pets to recognize you! Adding a few strategically placed extensions can give you a fuller head of hair, highlights, or lowlights without the long time commitment. Making your current color a little warmer or cooler can boost your confidence without drastically changing your look. Your stylist can also help you choose temporary colors that complement your skin and eyes. They're a low-commitment way to test drive looks without being married to a new look.
  10. 5. New season of life? Reinvent yourself!-By now, everyone has probably given themselves (or a friend) a bad breakup haircut or too short bangs that took forever to grow out. We don't suggest that you go that route, but sometimes, big life shifts inspire us to try out a totally different look. Just had a baby? Started a new career? Ended a major relationship? If so, this could be the perfect time to get a look that matches your new vibe. If you're ready to go big, schedule a consultation with your stylist in advance so we can talk about the best cuts, colors, and styles for your new season. Be sure to grab a few screenshots of haircuts and colors you love to get the ball rolling.

Trying One or More of These Tips Will Help You Break Out of a Style Rut and Fall in Love with Your Look Again!

230502-3Once you've achieved the look you love, remember that how you care for your hair at home plays a big role in how healthy it looks. Revamping your daily style routine to protect your hair and preserve your color will go a long way to helping you love your look long-term, as will making regular appointments with your stylist! 

The most important thing is to get curious about all the options and have fun exploring your new looks! Studio 16 would love to help you increase your subjective well-being. We are proud to be Yakima’s largest AVEDA salon in Eastern Washington. Come visit us for a relaxing experience and treatments tailored to your hair and skin needs. Let us help you be healthier and happier!

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