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November 4 2020 Studio 16

A Shout-Out to Our Local Healthcare Professionals

While our local medical providers continue to face the pandemic head on, we need to continue to do our part to keep a second wave of C-19 under control.  Medical Professionals all across the Valley have been doing a remarkable job. The numbers here in Yakima County have declined and are holding fairly steady. But as the weather cools down and we spend more time indoors, the concern is that the virus will peak again. I, for one, am not interested in going back to Phase 1.5 or even the possibility of another Lockdown.  I will continue to provide services in our facility with the utmost of care for our team and our community. ​And though I have not witnessed this virus personally within my own family or on our team, I've listened to many of our guests in my chair who have been affected - directly or indirectly, including the loss of family members. It's no walk in the park for survivors either, as the after effects I have witnessed are chronic  fatigue, joint pain and hair loss.  And while to many that may not seem too bad, for many it adds to the other long-term complications that will affect them physically for the rest of their lives, and emotionally for the loss of their loved ones.

Giving Credit Where It's Due
In an earlier email, I shared a quote from a local healthcare professional who said they felt very safe in our Salon due to our strict protocols. For the kind of crazy year 2020 has been, that was definitely taken as a compliment!  

201104-blog-cover-nurses-1590105577767-e21a1067899f-unsplashIt was NOT, however, intended to indicate a concern for their workplace! If there is one thing we can be grateful for in 2020, it's the amazing dedication and track record of our local healthcare community in ensuring the pandemic did not hurt Yakima worse than it did - even when Yakima was not trying to help itself as much as was initially needed. It is easy to think that the reason our hospital was not overwhelmed was because it was not as bad as we were warned, but that would ignore the hard work and extra hours everyone was putting in to make sure they stayed safe so they could keep us safe. It would also ignore the work they did in collaborating with other hospital systems to provide capacity and support that we did not have locally, and it would also ignore the huge effort that went into keeping everyone else safe who had a reason to visit a healthcare facility that was NOT about COVID - because the spills, pains and ills of daily life did not stop for COVID especially with our high percentage of essential workers relative to other counties in the state.

Winter is Coming - We Still Need to Do Our Part
As I write this today, our state hit a new daily high for new infections. While it's disappointing and threatening, it's also part of what we were told to expect as the cold weather drove people indoors. What is means is we need to remain vigilant and continue the mindset of #MaskUpYakima.

I am concerned for the aging parents in a nursing facility that have to visit loved ones through a cold glass window. The parents that can’t understand why their sons and daughters can’t be by their side.  The grandparents that haven't been able to see their little new family members.  The students that need socialization and community.  The hair that needs our attention!
The effects of this VIRUS are so far reaching.  I urge each of us to Keep Doing the Work, its not hard to wear a mask.  It may be cumbersome, hot and irritating (though sometimes warm and comforting in Winter!), but it's a small contribution to the greater good of our community. I also urge you to Thank a Medical Professional when you see them.  They have experienced this pandemic in ways that most of us will not - and we need to trust their expertise.
Thank you Yakima for masking up - the life you save may be mine. 

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